Get to Know The Cheese Radio Below:

Are you an avid music enthusiast who loves to hear the best variety of local music? Well, the residents of Lower Hutt (a region close to Wellington / Christchurch area in New Zealand) can now enjoy a non-stop, uncompromising, and unparalleled local music experience with “The Cheese Radio”. This radio platform plays music round the clock, 24*7. It’s a rather odd name for a Kiwi Radio station that’s for sure but we are certain you will love listening to this station.

So, if you wish to listen to the classic songs from the 1980s and 1990s, or you are looking for the latest music compositions and compilations – then “The Cheese” will definitely get you covered! Anyone who is aggressively looking for an incredible blend of classic and new soundtracks should have a lovely music experience with “The Cheese Radio”.

Here to note, the local residents can enjoy all the shows of Cheese just by using a conventional radio. Whereas the international audience can use the “Listen Live” feature; for this purpose, all you will need to use – a steady and speedy internet connection for streaming of great Kiwi radio music.

Hence, you have the option to choose your preferred listening method and enjoy your favorite music (at your own convenience)!

This radio station operates as a non-profit organization. As it’s not a commercial radio platform, the daily activities and maintenance of this radio network strongly depend on the accumulated donations. To know more about it and their most popular programs, please take a look in the following sections.

Popular Programs:

In this section, you will reveal key details of the top-rated programs.

1. Breakfast:

This is an exclusive early morning breakfast show. This program is hosted by “Alan Coffey”. In this particular show, the passionate music lovers can enjoy a great collection of both latest and classic music for a period of three hours – from 6 am to 9 am. Plus, you will receive updates on traffic, weather, and local news through the “Breakfast Show”.

2. Grated & Grilled:

This featured radio show is hosted during the weekends – both on Saturday and Sunday. It’s hosted by a proficient radio veteran – DJ Spook. The show is aired for a period of two consecutive hours – from 7 pm to 9 pm. Needless to mention, it’s an extremely engaging, exciting, and entertaining live radio show that will turn your weekends fun and interesting.

3. Saturday Night Classic Party Mix:

Make your Saturday Night, even more rocking and exciting. This radio show brings you some of the most enchanting party music that will spark up your mood and lighten up your mind! It is aired on every Saturday from 9 pm to 2 am. So get ready to enjoy a musical night party on every Saturday with this radio show.

4. Eighties Lunchbox:

This program is aired during the lunchtime – specifically from 12 pm to 1 pm. The experienced radio jockey – Alan Coffey hosts this particular show and entertains you with his warm, charming, and engaging personality. It basically offers you a good compilation of old classic music (from the 1980s). So, don’t forget to turn on this show on every Weekdays!

All of these aforementioned programs can be either heard through an FM radio or via Listen Live option (available on their official website).

Genres Covered:

The station covers the various music genres, for example, classic old hits and modern music compositions.