Get to know Niu FM Below:

Do you wish to listen to the best variety of contemporary pacific music? Well, if yes, then you have landed to the right page! In this article, you will reveal key details about a popular radio destination of New Zealand – “Niu FM”. This Kiwi Radio FM channel, being an integral part of Pacific Media Network, offers an extensive radio network, mainly targeting the audience who are in the age group of about 18 to 35 years! Here to mention, “Niu FM” is very popular among the local Pacific Islander communities.

The word “Niu” translates to tender coconut (young coconut). This station will be your “one stop radio destination” where you will get to listen to a wide variety of music genres. So, are you ready to enjoy “the Beat of the Pacific” with Niu? Here to mention, the official crew members of this channel are completely dedicated and fully focused on keeping you posted on the updated information on your favorite songs, favorite artists, and the local news!

On Niu FM, you can always enjoy the contents of this channel for free! You can either use a conventional radio system to enjoy its programs. But, in case you’re heading on an overseas trip, then you will be delighted to enjoy the sound of Niu FM through their official radio app (compatible with the mobile devices and portable gadgets)! Nevertheless, this station also comes with an easy and useful online streaming option where you can turn on this station and experience “The Listen Live Feature”.

In order to reveal further details about this station, don’t forget to look at the following sections.

Popular Programs:

This section will cover the most popular programs as hosted by the Niu FM Kiwi radio network.

1. Niu Breakfast:

Start your morning with a refreshing and relaxing attitude with this show. This program is hosted by Niko, Mantis, and Trina. It is broadcasted on the weekday mornings for a period of four hours (starting from 6 am – 10 am). This show brings you the best variety of high-energy music across multiple genres.

2. Niu Days:

Turn on this program on the weekdays at 10 am. This show is hosted by Sana who keeps you engaged and entertained with a series of inspiration quotes, gossips, and your favorite lunchtime music mix!

3. Niu Drive:

After a prolonged tiring day when you are heading towards the home, you must be needing of a good entertainment. For this purpose, this particular program is hosted by two proficient radio jockeys – “Mons and Cat” who strive hard to refreshen up your mood and mind with humor, laughs, entertainment, and a great list of “poly playlist”. So, don’t forget to turn on this show at 2 pm on every weekday.

4. Niu Nights:

This is one of the most popular shows that broadcasts an ample variety of music, such as hottest poly, Urban Music, different topics, and much more too. This show is hosted on the weekdays; it’s a 4-hour based program which is broadcasted from 6 pm to 10 pm.

Genres Covered:

This popular radio station of New Zealand covers multiple music genres. Their main focus is to encourage, empower, and nurture the Pacific cultural identity including Pacific genre music.