Get to know Hokonui Radio Below:

The Hokonui Radio brings a popular radio network for the residents and music lovers of New Zealand. It was earlier known as “Hokonui Gold”. It basically offers an “Adult Contemporary” network where the passionate music enthusiasts (like you) can enjoy an unlimited volume of fresh music for free! Here to note, the station is mainly based out of Gore, New Zealand. And, it broadcasts its contents in the following areas, for example, Southland, South Otago, South Taranaki, and Mid Canterbury.

Coming to the early background of this station – well, it officially kick-started its journey in 1981 under the name of “4ZG”. Note, Radio New Zealand used to operate “4ZG” at that period of time. Next, in the year of 1994, 4ZG changed its name and became widely popular as “Hokonui Gold”.

After that, in the year of 1996, Hokonui Gold started broadcasting their contents on the FM frequency band in order to offer their audience a better sound quality and clarity. Over the years, it effortlessly continued to operate independently, competed well against other NZ radio stations, and continued their journey.

Today, this station is featured to be one of the hottest and most popular radio channels for the music lovers who want to enjoy the “Adult Contemporary” music. In this context, if you are keen to reveal more details about this channel and their programs – here’s the perfect article for you! So, keep reading to know more!

Popular Programs:

In this section, you will reveal insightful details of the top 5 most popular programs.

1. Breakfast Southland:

Luke Howden hosts this particular early morning show. He was born and raised in Ashburton; he perfectly knows the music taste of Southland residents. To enjoy this show, all you will need to join “Luke Howden” on every weekday morning from 6 am to 9 am. In this program, you will listen to the fun, facts, giveaways, & everything else that matters the best for the mainlanders.

2. Breakfast Ashburton:

Phil Hooper hosts this particular program. He is a local lad who was born and bred in Ashburton. This is also an early morning show which is aired from 6 am to 9 am. Thus, the residents of Ashburton would be able to spark up their mornings (in a unique and interesting way) once they turn on “Breakfast Ashburton”.

3. Mornings with Nicky Rennie:

Nicky Rennie is a talented and award-winning broadcaster who possesses around 28 years of solid experience in this industry. In her program (that is aired for three hours on every weekday from 9 am to 12 pm), she adds a fun, friendly, and female touch to the weekday mornings.

4. The Country:

Jamie Mackay hosts this particular program on the weekdays for a period of one hour from 12 pm to 1 pm. He is a former accountancy student. He is well-versed with various topics including sports, business, local and international news of the country.

5. Afternoons:

Now, you will enjoy the boring and lazy weekday Afternoons with a proficient RJ – Peter Mac. Here to mention, Peter Mac has an experience of 33 years in the radio industry. Therefore, in his program, he applies his profound experience to make your afternoons even more engaging and equally interesting!

Genres Covered:

The station mostly follows the adult contemporary format.