Get to know the Rock Radio Below:

The Rock Radio is a popular radio destination for the residents of New Zealand who simply want to listen to the rock music! This station exclusively targeted for the male audience whose general age group is between 25 years – 44 years. Despite focusing on the male audience, this station features a fervent female fan base too.

It basically covers a wide variety of rock music, starting newly-released latest rock singles to the old favorites; additionally, it commits a significant amount of airtime in order to showcase the New Zealand rock acts.

This station officially embarked its journey in 1991 (in Hamilton). After witnessing an increasing demand and popularity, the channel started networking to several other regions of the North Island. Next, in the year of 1999, the station relocated to Auckland and started broadcasting there too. Today, it broadcasts its contents using the “Classic rock format”. In this context, go through this insightful article in order to reveal more details about this radio station.

Popular Programs:

Since the nineties, The Rock Radio has become one of the number # 1 radio destinations of New Zealand. Broadcasting the Adult Contemporary Rock Music, it has successfully generated a huge fan base. This channel comes with a wide variety of popular programs to keep you thoroughly entertained. Check the description of the most popular programs as hosted on this radio platform.

1. The Morning Rumble:

This is a classic morning radio show that is hosted by a bunch of proficient radio veterans, for example, Can Opener Casey, Rooty Rog, Jen Busty Bainbridge, Melanoma Mulls, and John Dayzed. In this show, you will get to listen to fresh rock music, latest news, and sports updates. This program is aired on the weekdays from 6 am – 10 am.

2. The Rock Workday:

The No Repeat Rock Workday is hosted from 9 am – 5 pm on the weekdays. The unique part of this program is that no songs will get repeated during the entire show! Thus, you will enjoy a diverse variety non-repeating rock music.

During this program, you can even win exciting rewards! This is possible when you attentively listen to this show, keep a track of what has been aired throughout the day, become the lucky caller to answer the “question”, and claim your prize!

3. Rock Nights:

This show is hosted on the night slot. In this program, the enthusiastic listeners can enjoy the best rock music! Note, the RJ “Mike” hosts this show.

4. Thane and Dunc:

For even more rock music with no replays, you should turn on this show. This program is hosted by Thane Kirby and Duncan Heyde. Needless to mention, this program is one of the most talked radio shows of New Zealand. It’s aired on the weekdays from 3 pm to 7 pm.

5. RPM:

This show is the home of rock, metal, and punk music. Mike Garvey hosts this program on each and every Sunday at 9 pm. It’s a one-hour show featuring the finest rock, metal, and punk tunes from all across the globe. Starting from fan favorites to the cult classics – RPM offers a fresh playlist that is updated on every week.

Genres Covered:

This program channel mainly broadcasts the rock music – starting from the latest hits to the classical rock music.