Get to know Radio Active below:

Radio Active is popular radio channel that broadcasts its contents from Wellington, New Zealand. According to the reliable source, they broadcast their contents through the frequent band of 88.6FM (formerly 89 FM), plus you can even enjoy the online streaming of their programs via

This radio station started as a student radio station for VUWSA (Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association); it was founded in the year of 1977. During that time, they broadcasted using the AM frequency. After that, it became the very first radio channel of New Zealand that began broadcasting their shows & programs using the newly invented FM frequency (to offer the audience a better sound clarity & music quality).

Next, VUWSA sold their station to radioactive Ltd in order to become financially viable. During 1997, Radio Active kick-started the online broadcasting. Here to note, this radio station is now considered as one of the pioneering radio platforms in New Zealand to offer the “online streaming and internet broadcasting” (with an availability of 24*7).

Today, this radio station features a very strong presence in New Zealand. They have a solid fan base with around 45,000 unique listeners per week, along with a huge online audience. Featuring a pool of talented program managers and volunteer announcers, Radio Active is a classic fan favorite that broadcasts an extensive variety of interesting music.

To know more details about this radio station and their popular programs, take a quick look at the following sections.

Popular Radio Active Programs:

This radio station has been effortlessly striving to fulfill the gap between the so-called mainstream & underground music scenes since past 40 years. They have always featured/showcased the finest music talents of New Zealand and other international territories. Plus, this channel provides the local artists an incredible opportunity to produce/play their music for the avid audience of “Radio Active”. In general, they broadly reflect the music taste of New Zealand and its inherent culture.

In order to enjoy the best contents of this radio channel, it’s absolutely important to understand or reveal the details of their most popular programs. For your reference, the details are described below:

1. Breakfast with Redbird Jnr:

This particular show is broadcasted on every week day (from Monday to Friday at 6 am – 10 am). This program offers the news on the celeb interviews, giveaways, and bangers etc. Additionally, Rob Kelly joins Redbird Jnr on every Thursday to discuss the latest news on politics, current affairs, and baked goods.

2. Amplifier with Don Luchito:

This program is also broadcasted on every week day (from Monday to Friday at 10 am – 1 pm). Here to note, Don Luchito is constantly looking out to play the songs and bands that he has never heard of.

3. Monday Flow with Triple Brown:

This show is hosted on every Monday from 1 pm – 4 pm. In this show, you will mostly get to hear the “140bpm sounds”.

4. Monday Drive with Caleb:

Make your boring Mondays even more energetic and interesting with this show. It is being hosted on every Monday for a period of three hours (from 4 pm – 7 pm) where you can listen to a great variant of Funk, Soul, and Jazz music.

5. The Indie Show:

This is an extremely popular show that is hosted on every Monday to treat your ears with the best in “indie”.

Music Styles Covered:

This station offers an eclectic range of music genres – starting from Swedish Metal to African Samba and everything quirky yet great in-between.