Gone are the days when only a few embraced their music as a source of livelihood. Music industry now offers well-paying careers. We can remember the days when musicians and bands performed mainly for entertainment purpose.

Thanks to modern technology and the change in global music perspective, top musicians and bands make a lot of money today through their songs, albums, and performances.

To achieve success in the music industry, you need to remain dedicated and passionate. You should nurture and trust your talent. Those are key attributes, which The Bleeders have really demonstrated and they are living proof that dreams are valid.

Quick Start Guide The Bleeders:

The band’s lineup feature musicians who’ve had vast experience having been part of New Zealand Hardcore/Punk scene. Drawing influence from hardcore, rock, and punk, the group brings together an innovative and enchanting sound and energetic performances.

According to Real Groove magazine, “The Bleeders bring it straightest, but that’s no diss. They’ve got something boiling inside ’em that needs getting out.” Yes, this band has done exactly that since their remarkable debut performance in February 2003.

The Bleeders have embraced the attitude of “If we don’t do it for ourselves, no one will” that has enabled them to play numerous dates around the North Island and memorable appearances in the South Island.


The Bleeders is an influential hardcore band from Auckland, New Zealand. The band comprises of the vocalist Angelo Munro, guitarist Ian King, bassist Gareth Stack, drummer King George Clark and the guitarist Hadleigh Donald.

All members of the band gained vast experience while playing in the former New Zealand hardcore/punk bands such as Evil Priest, Kid Nuisance, DSM, AOV and Smooth Jimmies.

Since its inception in February 2003, The Bleeders have moved on to support top bands such as Good Riddance, Sick Of It All, AFI, Hot Water Music, Strung Out, Good Charlotte, and Avenged Sevenfold.

After it had been formed in 2002, the Auckland-based band did not take long to take off. Their great determination enabled this group to release the legendary hardcore/punk New Zealand classic; A Bleeding Heart EP, in their first year.

Regular sold out shows throughout New Zealand followed this release. As a reward for their hard work and ever rising following, the band signed a record deal with Universal Music in 2004.

The band agreed to support Alexisonfire at Solid Sonic on 29th May 2007, and the following year, they opened for the Finnish ‘love metallers’, HIM. The group played regularly with bands such as Cobra Khan and the City Newton Bombers.

In late 2005, the band got an opportunity to perform in a show with the Misfits (a band that The Bleeders claim as a significant influence) in London

The vocalist established, own and manages Deadboy Records. Universal Music New Zealand backs the label through a distribution deal.

Career Highlights:

The Bleeders now a celebrated punk rock combo from New Zealand, went on stage for the first time in early 2003. Their passion for music propelled the band to embark on sessions to record their debut EP, titled A Bleeding Heart. Having been released in October of that year, the EP led to a nationwide tour and a perfect place at the 2004 Big Day Out Festival.

The year 2006 saw the release of the band’s first official album (their self-titled released in 2004 was a compilation of the past releases for the Australian market), As Sweet as Sin. It became a big hit. It peaked at No.2 and earning several awards for the group including Best Rock Album and Best Breakthrough Artist at the New Zealand Music Awards in 2006. Ultimately, the album went on to sell Gold.

Touring like maniacs in New Zealand, the band traversed the Tasman more than five times after receiving invitations from everyone from AFI and Avenged Sevenfold to Behind Crimson Eyes, and Aussie acts Gyroscope.

The release of the track She Screamed She Loved Me takes the band’s signature of gut-busting guitar and even raises the riffage to extraordinary levels. With their mastery of pure power and melody art, strengthened by a darkness which loyal fans will have missed, the vocal muscle and musicianship on this record exceed anything the group have produced before and will act as a high water mark for pups aiming to challenge for the title.

The bleeders released their second album, a self-titled affair, in 2008 (don’t confuse it with the Australian collection mentioned earlier), which turned out to be a hit featuring in a Top 40 Chart in New Zealand.

In 2009, The Bleeders extended their horizons by moving to Toronto, Canada. Unfortunately, the band broke up towards the end of 2009 with some members staying on in Canada while others went back home in New Zealand.

The band members went on to play in bands such as NZ bands Cobra Khan and Leeches and Canada’s Black Lungs. Also, they played a reunion tour in 2012.

Present Status:

The group is currently on a hiatus when we checked mid 2017.