In more than five years since Six60 released their first EP in 2009, the Dunedin five-piece band has certainly become one of New Zealand’s highly admired band’s, they are well-known for their explosive live shows and a loyal fan base.

Emerging during the summer of 2008 somewhere in Dunedin’s 660 Castle Street, five talented Otago University students starting planning a music extravaganza.

Matiu Walters, Marlon Gerbes, Eli Paewai, Ji Fraser and Chris Mac picked their instruments, switched on amps, locked their door to retain the sound in, and Six60 was formed and the rest as they say was history.

Six60 Quick Start Guide:

Since its formation, the group traversed thousands of miles throughout USA, Europe, and the Australasia, and surpassed the loftiest expectations placed on them by their ardent fans. After the tremendous success of their quadruple platinum-selling self-titled debut studio album; Six60 that later picked six New Zealand Music Awards.

Careening between soul, roots, dubstep, pop, drum & bass and R&B, the group’s unorthodox blending and mish-mashery between the unpopular genres is something their diehard fans have come to recognize and adore about their music. Therefore, it culminates in their energetic live shows, making them one of the most exhilarating bands to experience live.

The popularity of the band increased quickly from Dunedin into other parts of the country soon after they came into life thanks to infectious radio tracks, an enigmatic live show, and a continuous onslaught of the guerrilla advertising through social media.


SIX60 is a renowned five-piece New Zealand band which was founded in 2008. The group was established in Dunedin. The founders met while attending the University of Otago. The founding members had met at a Kora gig and found out that they had a common interest in Kiwi music and a strong passion for producing their own.

It has been known for a long time that any town rich with the college culture proffers a strong musical culture. Dunedin, the second biggest city on the South Island of New Zealand, is such a city and holds a remarkable musical heritage.

From the early 80s, it was the primary source of the Dunedin Sound,’ a popular indie-rock sensibility which powered a significant portion of the groups under the Flying Nun label, as well as a huge chunk of most of musical imports of the day in New Zealand: The Clean, The Chills, Straitjacket Fits and The Bats, among several other bands.

Six60 came up with their name from a street number of their house in Dunedin; 660 Castle Street. Their local fan base grew from Dunedin to other student hubs around the country like Wellington, Christchurch, Waikato, and Auckland.

Career Highlights:

Their self-titled debut studio album was unveiled on 10th October 2011 via their label Massive Entertainment. Tiki Taane produced and mixed the album and debuted at No.1 in the New Zealand charts. It was certified gold in the first week of release.

Their first two tracks “Don’t Forget Your Roots” and “Rise Up 2.0” attained number two and number one respectively on RIANZ singles chart. They were both certified double and triple platinum.

The band’s original EP (issued 2009) featured a track known as “Someone to Be Around.” This single was excluded in their first album. But, it remains one of the most popular tracks.

Six60 has a quadruple platinum No.1 debut album with triple platinum-selling track “Don’t Forget Your Roots,” one gold-selling track “Lost,” two platinum-selling tracks “Special” and “Forever,” and two double platinum-selling tracks “Rise Up” and “Only To Be.”

In early March 2013, the group was featured on the George FM Breakfast’s ‘Damn! I Wish I Was Your Cover’ series that covered Rudimental’s “Feel the Love.”

In 2012, the group won six awards at the New Zealand Music Awards, including best group, single of the year, highest-selling New Zealand single, people’s choice, airplay of the year and highest-selling New Zealand album. In 2014, their track “Run For It” was used on the trailer of ITV drama series Prey, starring John Simm.

2015 saw the release of the band’s second album with the first track release, Special, developing an addictive summery vibe. The single gleefully landed in a perfect spot between R&B and soul, while channeling jinky guitar sounds the group is well-known for and hints of Pharrell Williams-esque melodies.

Six60 remains one of greatest acts on the airwaves in New Zealand, and on the charts as well. Their 2nd album has been listed in the New Zealand Top 20 for more than three months, and Six60 got Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards for the highest selling and most played song for White Lines in 2016.

Present Status:

The band during 2017 is touring to world, let’s hope they are around performing for many more years to come.