We live in a world in which a huge population loves music; that is if not everyone on the rock likes a certain genre. Music has had a significant influence in our societies.

Today, there are so many artists and bands that have established great careers through music like HLAH has over the years.

Most bands are quite successful and popular because multi-talented artists usually come together to pursue a common music goal and thus, producing incredible tracks.

That is why upcoming musicians and music enthusiasts would like to know the history of renowned bands such as the likes of this cracker Kiwi band HLAH.

Quick Start Guide HLAH:

HLAH is an influential and somewhat controversial at times rock band, from New Zealand. As an icon of the 90s rock scene, the band established a dedicated following through their blend of high-quality rock n’ roll and outrageous gigs that could see the group caked with body and face paint mud, or just plain naked – how’s that for a show!

Many fans were quite disappointed when HLAH broke up in 2000, but some good news came out in late 2008 with the grand announcement that the group was reuniting for Homegrown Festival in Wellington.

The band’s music is mainly grunge rock with certain lyrics which may offend. Certainly an 18+ group but absolute fun, especially live. Establishing their brand of Kiwi Rock – NO ONE can Hootenanny like HLAH.

Head Like a Hole, often known as HLAH, is a “stench rock” band known as the “Kings of the New Zealand underground,” from New Zealand. Founded in 1990, the founding members were Mark Hamill, Nigel Regan, Andrew Durno and Nigel (Booga) Beazley.

Having adopted the name “Head Like a Hole” from a Nine Inch Nails single of that name, HLAH gained a strong following with their outrageous and controversial gigs, performing naked while caked with full body and face paint, or with mud.

The band began by playing only small and unpopular gigs at Empire warehouse and soon began touring university circuit. With a solid following, HLAH signed to the Wildside Records.

Before the formation of the band, Hamill and Regan played in the covers band performing tracks by artists like early Masters of Reality, Faith No More, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Fugazi, Butthole Surfers, and Mudhoney.

The band was active from 1992 to 2002, releasing four LPs, then reuniting in 2009 to unveil a “greatest hits” collection of their earlier work, The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands. They issued their debut studio album in fourteen years, Blood Will Out, in 2011 that attained number three in New Zealand charts.

After signing to Wildside Records, the band started their recording career. 1992 saw the release of their first album, ’13’ which the group mainly produced themselves with the help of Brent McLachlan from ‘Bailter Space’ designing, mixing as well as mastering.

The track ‘Fish across Face’ successfully made it into New Zealand Top 10 charts. But, the video had to be pulled off air owing to a particular scene it showed Nigel streaming orange juice from his mouth into Booga’s mouth (unfortunately, there was a meningitis epidemic at that time).

Sometime in early 2000, the group broke up. A ‘Best of’ album was issued in November, titled ‘Blood on the Honky Tonk Floor.’ The album covered two popular discs, the first featuring the group’s best and popular tracks, whereas the second featured all cover tracks the group had managed to record over their career.

Career Highlights:

In 1997, the band was once again received an invitation to play Big Day Out, this time arranged as the last act after headliners, where they entertained a large crowd in Supertop tent in Auckland. During that period, the band also issued a video for an edition of Bruce Springsteen’s track I’m On Fire.

Also, in Nov. 1998, the ‘HLAH unveiled its last real album, ‘HLAH: IV – Are You Gonna Kiss It or Shoot It?’ that covered two successful tracks, ‘Juicy Lucy’ and ‘Wet Rubber’ also prominent singles off that album are ‘Hot Sexy Lusty,’ ‘Comfortably Shagged’ and ‘Mahahrahja.’

In 2010, the band began working on fresh material for their debut album in ten years. After resolving to work with an award-winning engineer and producer Andrew Buckton (Midnight Youth, The D4), the drum singles were done at the York Street Studios with other tracking laid down at Studio 203.

The first track from an album was ‘Swagger of Thieves,’ unveiled on 5th Dec 2010. It went to No.1 the 95bFM charts in December 2010. They released the second track, “Glory, Glory (Hallelujah),” on 29th May 2011. It went to No.1 on The Rock. Also, they released the album, entitled Blood Will Out, on 4th July 2011, and the band went on a tour of New Zealand to support it.

Due to family affairs, HLAH didn’t do several performances in 2012 instead preferring to focus on the projects like remastering their first album 13 that was released on their 20th anniversary followed by a successful tour in which they played the whole album 13 with different tracks of their other albums. Also, HLAH released a song “Sometimes the Wolf” that was a single that wasn’t finished at the time of producing the best album; Blood Will Out.

Present Status HLAH:

Well the great news is when we checked (mid July 2017) HLAH  had just released  “13” HEAD LIKE A HOLE. The tours planned during 2017 will see the band performing this great kiwi rock album right across the country. Additionally the album will also be re-released in a 180 gram HEAVY vinyl format – how cool is that!