Dave Dobbyn is considered to be one of the most popular and most respected musical figures in New Zealand, who has thoroughly enjoyed a period of unparalleled success that spanned over several decades.

This highly talented musician surfaced during the mid-1976 as a pioneering member of the biggest music bands of New Zealand of that era aka (“Th’ Dudes”).

After that, this proficient music artist was widely regarded as a breakout star who earned huge recognition for writing & singing several songs, including “Be Mine Tonight.” This particular music work helped him to achieve an unprecedented success among the worldwide audience. Additionally, the music critics too provided rave reviews for this song.

Next, for critical backlash, drug and alcohol issues, Th’ Dudes’ success was pretty short-lived. Thus, after the demise of this music group, the musician went into seclusion, composing, writing and recording his solo material. In this way, he continued his music journey; till date, he is active as a musician. To know more details about this musician and a quick overview of his entire music career, you are requested to take a look at this insightful review.

A Glimpse of His Music Career:

Dave Dobbyn had a passion for traveling the world with music. Although he was a shy schoolboy in his early childhood, but he blossomed as a peroxided pop star and nurtured his inherent music skills when he was associated with his very first music band – “Th’ Dudes”. He founded this music group in the late 1970s with his school friends. Next, after the demise of “Th’ Dudes”, “Dave Dobbyn” started performing for another famous pop/rock band of New Zealand – “DD Smash”.

Soon, the musician made an incredible history when the maiden album of “DD Smash” gained the number # 1 just within the 1st week of its release. After that, Dobbyn achieved a great success, fame, and notoriety as a solo music artist when his composed music work (“Slice of Heaven”) remained the number # 1 hit in New Zealand for a consecutive period of eight weeks.

In the subsequent years, this famous musician wrote several soundtracks, including a handful of hits, for example, Be Mine Tonight”, “Beside You”, “Language”, “Loyal’, “Whaling”, “Outlook for Thursday”, “Kingdom Come”, “Guilty”, “It Dawned On Me”, “Devil You Know”, “Magic What She Do”, “Slice of Heaven”, “Welcome Home”, and “Oughta Be in Love” etc.

His enduring popularity was once again reinforced with the release of his debut solo album – “Loyal”. This particular album featured his personal celebration and perception towards love and loyalty. “Loyal” received a Gold Certification in New Zealand. In 2005, he produced one of his greatest music works – a solo studio album, “Available Light” which received the “2x Platinum Certification” in NZ. His 2008 release, Anotherland’, in conjunction with “Red Trolley Records” again received the Gold Certification in his native country.

Next, to celebrate his 30-years of prolonged journey as a recording artist, he compiled 2 CDs of his favorite songs and a companion songbook. His most recent music production was “Harmony House”; it was released in 2016.

Music Genres Covered:

This famous music star mostly covers two specific music genres, for example, pop music and rock music.

Awards and Accolades:

In the industry of pop music, Dobbyn’s music talents have always charmed the New Zealanders. That’s why he received various prestigious honors and accolades, such as RIANZ Awards, Silver Scroll Awards, and Lifetime Achievement Award.