Get to Know Access Radio Below:

Access Radio is a community-driven Kiwi radio station. It is implemented for the local community people of “Wellington”. Here to mention, it’s a completely non-profit and grassroots organization that celebrates every single thing of Wellington. Plus, it renders a great platform where the people can raise / discuss certain topics.

Therefore, “Access Radio” features to be a truly unique radio network that presents a completely different programming styles and formats which can’t be easily heard by the so-called mainstream media.

Popular Programs:

In this section, you will reveal key details on the top-rated programs. Here to mention, a vast majority of their programs / shows are meant for the community people residing in the regions of Wellington, Porirua, and the Hutt Valley. The station broadcasts their contents using 783AM. Plus, you are even allowed to stream online. For this purpose, all you will have to use a steady internet connection for smooth and seamless online music streaming on “Access”. Now, check the following section to reveal key details about this radio station.

1. Community Zone:

With this program, you can perfectly tune in your weekdays (from Monday to Friday) from 5 pm to 6 pm. Here, the program managers celebrate the awesome grassroots communities by providing brilliant local news, reviews, notices, important updates, and much more too. So, join this show to promote the local culture.

On Monday evening, Simon Howard presents you various funny and theatrical news through this show. On Tuesday, you can join the “B-Side Story team” to get acquainted with the insider interviews and learn what’s actually going on across the major Wellington’s communities.

On every Wednesday, you can gladly enjoy the Local Culture on the “Community Zone” radio show. It will feature the “best New Zealand Music” and new soundtracks. On Thursday, two eminent radio jockeys (John MacDonald and Hutt Zone) keep you informed about what’s happening in Hutt Valley, starting from politics to the cultural events. Friday Community Zone will bring you the Witching Hour, along with interviews, discussions, politics, science, social justice, and current events etc.

Also, on the Saturdays from 3 pm to 4 pm – you can enjoy the updates on community groups, events, and fundraisers of the locality.

2. Youth Zone:

On Monday to Thursday from 3 pm to 5 pm, you can enjoy the “Youth Zone”. It basically comprises of a range of shows that covers various interesting discussions, random topics, unlimited music, and a lot more exciting things! For an instance, on every Tuesday, you will get to enjoy an hour of skewed advice, teenage drama, heated debates, and of course good music.

Here to mention, to enjoy the live shows of “Access Radio”, you can use the Listen Live option. Obviously, the conventional FM based broadcasting system is still available. However, for a smooth, seamless, and hassle-free music experience (with better sound quality and clarity), it’s recommended to use the Listen Live / Internet Broadcasting.

Genres Covered:

The station mostly broadcasts the community specific news and plays local NZ music.