Get to know Ski FM below:

The Ski FM Radio Network offers a mainstream, dynamic, and regional media network with a full coverage throughout several regions of New Zealand, for example, Wanganui, Ruapehu, and Taupo. In the Central North Island of NZ, the Ski brand is quite synonymous when it comes to choosing an entertainment platform.

Here to note, for the residents of Wanganui, Ruapehu, and Taupo, this channel not only brings an unconditional enjoyment, but also it offers the listeners the best variety of hottest music and serves as a brilliant information powerhouse. Additionally, Ski FM network can be effectively utilized as “brand reinforcement” so that the local business owners can advertise their product, service, and solutions to generate a growing customer base.

This radio station broadcasts nonstop music, including rap, rock, trance, electro house, hip-hop, country, soft (for 24*7). Plus, it offers you a flexible listening center. Thus, you can turn on this station and enjoy music at your home, at the time of driving, or even at your workplace! To listen to this radio channel and its popular contents, you can use a conventional radio. Apart from that, there is an online listening center where you can enjoy your favorite music over the internet. This feature is widely known as “listen live”.

To use the “listen live” feature, make sure to use a speedy internet connection and a web browser; next, launch the online player and bless yourself with a diverse variety of music!

Here to mention, this radio network regularly hosts a bunch of exciting events throughout the year. The residents of New Zealand who want to participate in those events, they are highly recommended to visit the official website of “Ski FM” and capture more details on the upcoming events/functions. In their website, you’ll also find an option – named as “Cool Stuff” where you’ll get to enjoy an updated information of Celebrities, Videos of Viral News, Music News, and Videos of Live concerts etc.

Popular Programs:

The description of their top three programs are given below:

1. Ski Mornings:

This particular show is hosted by two renowned and talented radio jockeys – “Jeremy Matthews” and “Jessie Furner”. Here to mention, Jeremy Matthews is a national snow-boarder, a bulging thespian, a polo cross champion, and a great music enthusiast. He knows how to lighten up your mood and mind with great music! Another program manager, Jessie Furner is obsessed with Skiing, Macklemore, and Candy Crush. Collectively, both of these program managers host “Ski Mornings” on the Weekdays at 6 am.

2. Afternoon Drive Show:

This show is hosted by Jessie Furner. It is broadcasted on the weekdays at afternoon slot (from 2 pm and onwards). She acquaints you with the updates on weather, traffic, and snow reports. Plus, she plays today’s hit music!

3. Ski ‘noons:

A young radio jockey and a passionate music lover – Sean hosts this program and keeps you posted with the up-to-date news, blues, and hottest music of “Central North Island”. You can catch him every weekday at 3 pm.

Genres Covered:

This popular radio station covers a wide variety of music genres, such as rap, rock, trance, electro house, hip-hop, country, and soft etc.