The music scene of new Zealand is extensive, diverse, and unique. This country has featured a long association with music since the early days. So, if you want to enjoy an excellent range of “Kiwi music”, then here’s an appropriate article for you! This article will discuss insightful details about the “Five Great New Zealand Bands” and their music contributions.

For your reference, here’s a list of Six Great New Zealand Bands whose musical contributions will be described below – Hello Sailor, The Chills, The Feelers, The Bats, Resonate and Supergroove. These prestigious music associations are famous for producing top-notch quality music. For more information about them, keep reading the following sections! They are in now special order and every band is just as good as each other in their own special Kiwi style. You may have not encountered these bands below so lucky you !

Check out six top Kiwi Bands Below:

1. Hello Sailor:

This is a New Zealand-based pop/rock band that was officially founded in 1975. The band featured an excellent line-up, comprising with some of the outstanding music artists, for example, Dave McArtney, Harry Lyon, Graham Brazier, Ricky Ball, and Lisle Kinney etc. That’s why this group had enough potential and inherent talent to bring a revolution to the New Zealand music industry. Coming to their history – it’s pretty long and complicated. In the initial phase of their music career, Hello Sailor produced their first gig and started playing music in the hotels and clubs of New Zealand. While playing at those clubs and hotels, the band successfully managed to generate a huge following base.

In 1977, the band produced their self-titled debut album which became extremely successful in their native country. Needless to mention, this album received a Gold Certification too. After receiving a grand success with the release of their first album, they produced the second album in the next year (in 1978) – Pacifica Amour. Unfortunately, the second album was unable to re-create the same level of success, fame, and popularity like its predecessor. That’s why the group got disbanded in 1980.

However, Hello Sailor sporadically reunited in 1985 and continued to pursue its music career. After their reunion, the band managed to produce few more albums and performed at various live shows and concerts. Here’s a brief list of their music contributions – The Album (released in 1994), The Sailor Story (released in 1996), When Your Lights Are Out (released in 2006), and Surrey Crescent Moon (released in 2012). For their contribution to the Kiwi music scene, they have received the “RIANZ Awards” in 1978. Plus, Hello Sailor has been inducted to New Zealand Music Hall of Fame.

2. The Chills:

This is another rock band that was formed in 1980. The origin of this group belongs from Dunedin, New Zealand. Founded in 1980, the band has witnessed numerous line-up changes in its entire career. As of now, the sole constant member who is still associated with this group is “Martin Phillipps”. Note, Martin Phillipps is a talented singer cum songwriter. Here to mention, The Chills received a significant success and notoriety in New Zealand mainly during the 1980s and 1990s. In fact, this is one of the pioneering music bands that have produced the earliest proponents of Dunedin Sound.

Coming to the early background of this group – Martin Phillipps formed this group in association with his sister – Rachel Phillipps. Other than these two founding members, the other line-up members of this group include – Peter Gutteridge (guitarist), Alan Haig (drummer), and Jane Dodd (bassist) etc. After that, Martyn Bull joined the band to replace Alan Haig on drums. Soon, Bull died of acute leukemia. During this period, Phillipps changed the band’s name to “A Wrinkle in Time” after the sudden demise of his friend cum bandmember – Martyn Bull. This name change was pretty brief. Soon, the band was re-established with its original name – The Chills. Since then, “The Chills” has remained as a solo project led by Martin Phillipps.

Here’s a list of their music creations and productions – Somewhere Beautiful (a live album released in 2013), and Silver Bullets (the most recent album released in 2015).

3. The Feelers:

This is a well-known and well-acknowledged New Zealand-based pop rock band. It was originally founded in the year of 1993. The origin of this Kiwi music band belongs to Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand. The two pioneering members who have collectively formed this band are – James Reid (the singer cum guitarist) and Hamish Gee (the drummer cum guitarist). Apart from these two founding members, the following musicians i.e. Andy Lynch and Matt Short joined the group to stabilize its line-up.

Their first album – the epic debut album, entitled as “Supersystem” was released in 1998. It received a massive popularity as it gained the top rank on the NZ albums chart list. Plus, it became one of the biggest-selling albums of that year. Over the years, the band continued their music journey and produced a string of albums, such as Communicate (released in 2001), Playground Battle (released in 2003), One World (released in 2006), and Hope Nature Forgives (released in 2011) etc.

4. The Bats:

In the history of Kiwi music – this band is considered to be one of the most influential rock bands. It was officially formed in the early 1980s – in 1982. The origin of “The Bats” belongs to “Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand”. However, this band has a strong link with “Dunedin”. The original line-up of “The Bats” includes the following talented music artists, for example, Paul Kean (a bassist), Malcolm Grant (a drummer), Robert Scott (lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and keyboard artist), and Kaye Woodward (a lead guitarist cum vocalist).

The debut studio album – “Daddy’s Highway” was released in the year of 1987. Since then, the band has composed and produced various albums, EPs, Singles, and Compilations. Here’s the brief overview of their music creations – Fear of God (released in 1991), Silverbeet (released in 1993), Couchmaster (released in 1995), At the National Grid (released in 2005), The Guilty Office (released in 2008), Free All the Monsters (released in 2011), and The Deep Set (released in 2017).

5. Supergroove:

This is an eminent Kiwi music association that produces the funk rock music. The group was founded in 1989. It originally belongs to Auckland, New Zealand. After their formation in 1989, Supergroove produced their debut studio album in the year of 1994. This epic debut album was named as “Traction” that gained the number # 1 rank in New Zealand. Here to note, this album received the Platinum certification.

After receiving a major success with the production of Traction, the group started working on their second album and released it in 1996. The second album, entitled as “Backspacer” received the Gold Certification in New Zealand. For their music contributions to the New Zealand music scene, they have received various awards and accolades including “New Zealand Music Awards”.

Here to note, Supergroove was disbanded in 1997 because of creative differences. Fortunately, they have reunited in 2007 and currently, the band is active!

6. Resonate

The Band Members of the delightful family only band from Auckland in New Zealand aka Resonate are Moala Wolfgramm, William Wolfgramm, Richard Wolfgramm, and the highly talented Leah Wolfgramm. They are a four-member vocal band who can be found providing entertainment at church services and various other events.

Their songs are filled with love and positive cultural vibes from the south pacific region that will bring enjoyment to all that hear them. The have released a mash-up of songs from the hit Disney movie Moana, check out this video below to see just how strong these guys are vocally.