Get to know Radio One 91.0 FM Below:

Radio in New Zealand has been around since about 1922. It is now being dominated by several radio networks & station groups. Among them, “Radio One 91FM” is one of the hit radio platforms for New Zealanders. In the market of ‘commercial radio’ when most of the radio channels are playing the same music thrice an hour, “Radio One” boasts of offering you a sumptuous music variety.

The authority of this radio station believes in bringing a diversity. For them, “Music is life.” And, that’s why this radio channel, its official authority, program managers, and DJs always try hard to keep you breathing with Music!

They cover almost everything when it comes to music! Starting from bhangra beats to the punk-pop future funk to cosmic soul death disco to catchy synth singles – this station features the best music in urban culture.

Here to note, this radio channel broadcasts their contents using a specific FM band – 91.0 FM. Apart from that, the enthusiastic music lovers from international territories will be blessed to listen to the programs of “Radio One” through online streaming.

This channel offers Live streaming for 24/7 Worldwide; just by using a steady and speedy internet connection, you can enjoy live music in “crystal-clear sound quality” (with 128kbps stereo MP3). If you wish to know more details about this radio channel and its most popular program formats, don’t forget to check the following sections.

Popular Programs:

The Radio One 91FM hosts a bunch of interesting programs and exciting live shows to make your radio experience even more compelling. In this context, here’s a brief description of their top six music programs.

1. Morning Show with Jamie Green:

Make your everyday morning even more delightful and listen to a wide variety of fresh music on this show. It is hosted by a proficient radio jockey (Jamie Green) on every weekday morning for a duration of three hours (from 7 am – 10 am).

2. Critic Monday Spectrum:

This show is broadcasted on every Monday (from 10 am – 12 pm); it is hosted by Lucy and Joe. This program offers a mix of feature stories, reviews, news, and insights of “Critic Te Arohi” (the student magazine of University of Otago).

3. Tuesday Morning Spectrum:

This program is hosted by Rachel on every Tuesday (from 10 am – 12 pm). In this particular show, you will enjoy a broad spectrum of both classic and new indie, electropop, and surf rock tunes.

4. Politricks:

Enjoy this show with Abe / Rob on every Thursday from 10 am – 12 pm. This program brings you the latest international and domestic news and politics, with in-depth commentary & opinion on the burning issues, current affairs, and dominating headlines etc.

5. Jazz Junction:

You will get to enjoy a wide variety of Jazz Music across all styles and eras when you’ll turn on this show! A skilled and passionate radio jockey, Richard hosts this show on every Sunday from 10 am – 12 pm. On this show, Richard plays the traditional jazz, Swing-era big bands, cool, fusion, hard bop, and all jazz greats from the contemporary players.

6. Friday Lunch:

Enjoy the lunch hours of every Friday with Hannah (from 12 pm to 2 pm) where she plays an Eclectic Mix for you!

Music Styles Covered:

This station broadly covers a great variety of music styles, for example, indie, jazz, pop, classic, contemporary, and much more too