Tim Finn is one of the most admired and praised music artists of the past 30 years who has thoroughly enjoyed a unique & remarkable career.

Tim is a famous Kiwi musician & singer who hails from Te Awamutu, New Zealand. He was born on 25 June 1952 as “Brian Timothy Finn”.

His inspiring music journey started in the 1970s and he continued to flourish (his career as a musician) till today! Being a world-famous music star, he has always received a wide acclaim. His composed music has been effortlessly featured on several albums, television programs, motion pictures, opera, dance, and other theatrical stage performances.

Coming to his early background, this musician had spent his school years in a “Catholic boarding school” of Auckland. Later, he studied at the prestigious University of Auckland. When he was in his college, the musician made an association with a set of friends and formed “Split Enz” – a heritage music band. As music was his first & foremost preference, Tim left the university in order to pursue a full-time music career.

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A Glimpse of His Music Career:

When it comes to describing the music career of Tim, it is always linked with a New Zealand-based music band, “Split Enz”. Founded in 1972, this association featured three creative musicians, such as Phil Judd, Neil Finn, and Tim Finn. This music group produced recognizable musical acts in several international territories including New Zealand, North America, and Australia.

Music critics described their unique musical style as the “eclectic” mostly because it was an incredible blend of rock, pop, punk, swing, and 80’s new wave. Apart from offering a unique music style, “Split Enz” was extremely famous for their attractive visual appearances, such as their distinctive hairstyles, theatrical costumes, and makeup.

Being one of the pioneering members of “Split Enz”, Tim received a great reputation and recognition for his performance. After making consistent performances for Split Enz, the musician decided to kick-start his music career as a solo musician, singer, and performer. Soon, he recorded his debut album (entitled as “Escapade”) in the year of 1983. This album charted the number # 1 rank in New Zealand. After that, the music artist moved to London in order to explore his talents.

While, he was in the United States, he started working on his 2nd solo music work – “Big Canoe” that was produced in 1986. This album gained the number # 3 rank in NZ. In the subsequent years, he came up with a string of hit albums, for example, Tim Finn (released in 1989), Before & After (released in 1993), Say It Is So (released in 1999), Feeding the Gods (released in 2001), Imaginary Kingdom (released in 2006), The Conversation (released in 2008), and The View Is Worth the Climb (released in 2011).

In the recent times, he has been composing new materials for the theater.

Music Genres Covered:

This famous music star mostly covers the specific music genres, for example, pop, new wave, art rock, and alternative rock etc.

Awards and Accolades:

For his contribution to the music industry, he has been honored with a plentiful of prestigious awards, including RIANZ Awards and Helpmann Awards.