Neil Mullane Finn is a famous musician who hails from New Zealand; he is an enthusiastic singer, plus a talented songwriter.

He was born on 27th May 1958 in Te Awamutu, New Zealand. By birth, Neil Finn belonged from a musical background. His own brother (Tim Finn) is a world-class musician who inspired young Neil to focus on a full-time music career.

According to the reliable statistics, when Neil was just 18 years old, his brother invited him to join a trailblazing art rock band of New Zealand, named as Split Enz.

While the musician was a part of this prestigious music group, he successfully showcased his inherent music traits and skills to the audience. As a result, the music critics considered him as one of the aspiring music artists of New Zealand who possessed enough skills to revolutionize this industry. Next, after the demise of “Split Enz”, this musician decided to pursue a solo music career. As of now, he has enjoyed a moderately successful solo music career and produced several music albums for his fervent fans and followers.

For more important details about Neil Finn and the description of his music career (both as a solo artist and an active band member), you are recommended to check the following sections of this insightful article.

A Glimpse of His Music Career:

As mentioned in the previous section, Tim Finn invited him to join “Split Enz” that marked the official beginning of his music career. The music star rose to claim prominence and notoriety (during the late 1970s) when he wrote some successful songs, for example, “One Step Ahead”, “I Got You”, “History Never Repeats”, and “Message to My Girl” etc. In the year of 1984, “Split Enz” was completely disbanded.

After that, Neil achieved an international fame when he joined another music association – “Crowded House”. He was one of the founding members of “Crowded House”. Here to note, Neil’s music career is measured through a series of bounds; among which, he is certainly best-known for his association with “Crowded House”. Among the albums that had been produced by “Crowded House” – two particular music compositions – Together Alone and Crowded House made the group extremely popular and a critically acclaimed band around the world.

Along the way, Neil has worked for a multitude of collaborations, including with his wife Sharon and brother Tim, plus an array of excellent music stars, such as Johnny Marr, Eddie Vedder, and Ed O’Brien etc. Apart from that, the musician has pursued a moderately successful solo music career. As per the available information, he has worked on three solo projects (he has released three solo albums), for example, Try Whistling This (released in 1998), One Nil (released in 2001), and Dizzy Heights (released in 2014). Here to mention, this most recent solo music work (Dizzy Heights) features a vertiginous and richly melodic swirl that effortlessly contemplates love, loss, ageing, and allure etc.

Music Genres Covered:

The iconic music star of New Zealand mostly covers the following music styles, such as rock, new wave, pop, and art rock etc.

Awards and Accolades:

For his contribution to the music industry, he has received multiple “RIANZ Music Awards” till date.