Like a Storm is a renowned hard rock band originally formed in 2005 Auckland, New Zealand by the very talented siblings Kent Brooks, Chris, and Matt.

The band is best-known for combining hard rock songs and heavy baritone guitar riffs with the didgeridoo of all things mixed into their music.

Using a compelling mixture of classic hard rock, post-grunge, and alt-metal, the group invokes some great music into their songs and one of the best hard rock bands to see live if you are lucky enough to get to one their shows.

Quick Start Guide Like a Storm:

The band moved to North America soon after forming, finally settling in Vancouver. The band first gained fame abroad in 2009 when they opened for Creed on their reunion tour of the group; they issued their first long-player that year.

The band has shared European & American stages with Korn, Alter Bridge, Black Veil Brides, Shinedown, Creed, Black Stone Cherry, Staind, Puddle of Mudd, Sick Puppies, and several others, besides touring North America widely as a headline act.

On their first album, the band inspire a torrent of the enchanting hard rock. The Vancouver-based quartet’s debut full-length is an avalanche of hard-hitting grooves and captivating choruses, as demonstrated by the debut radio track.

String flourishes and electronic textures cascade into a distortion wall as vocal melodies hypnotize listeners to the bands music. Kent Brooks (Vocals/Bass/Programming), Matt (Guitar/Vocals/Programming) and Brothers Chris (Guitar/Vocals/Didgeridoo/Programming) deliver a dynamic rock sound that is simultaneously edgy and ethereal.

The band’s journey started in 2005, Kent, Chris, and Matt chose to relocate to North America and chase their rock n’ roll dream.

Upon relocating to Canada, it only took a single show for the band to create a buzz. Kai Marcus (Noise Therapy/Methods of Mayhem) noticed the group and was blown away instantly. He struck up a strong friendship with them and linked them to multi-platinum engineer/producer/mixer Mike Plotnikoff (Buckcherry /My Chemical Romance/Three Days Grace) in early 2006. Plotnikoff and the band immediately started sharing ideas for what would turn out to be The End of the Beginning album.

Career Highlights:

The band first started touring the United States in 2009, when they were offered an invitation to join Creed on their national reunion tour. The overwhelming response of the fans to a live show of the band inspired their first album, which entered Billboard’s New Artist Charts at No. 61, and the Billboard 200 from tour sales only.

In 2011, Like a Storm unleashed an acoustic compilation of a number of their more popular tracks, before releasing their popular sophomore long-player Chaos Theory, Pt. 1 in 2014 that included the hit track “Love the Way You Hate Me,” and the celebrated cover of the Coolio’s “Gangster Paradise.” Also, in Dec. 2011, the group was voted Tunelab’s “Most Fan Friendly Band.” They responded by thanking all fans on their social media platforms.

In the Spring of 2012, Like a Storm started an acoustic tour of the US States with over fifty shows to promote their Southern Skies DVD and the Limited Edition Acoustic EP. In these shows, they often covered singles from other artists also, such as: “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Soon after their acoustic tour, the group went ahead to tour together with Creed in May 2012 with the drummer Roye Robley. The band also performed in many festivals in summer 2012. Shows include Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Cornfest and Jinxfest in Illinois, Common Ground Music Festival in Lansing, Michigan; among others.

After headlining Jinxfest, the band headed off the next day to tour with Creed for many more dates. You can find the details on the website or Facebook page of the group.

In 2013, they issued the live double-album “Worlds Collide: Live from the Ends of the Earth.” The album features two exceptional live discs, recorded on the opposite sides of the world. The first CD includes the band’s high-energy rock concert, recorded during a US arena tour – whereas the other disc showcases the unplugged side of the band, and they recorded it in their native New Zealand. The album features various instruments on top of the traditional hard-rock sound – including djembe, didgeridoo, synthesizers, piano, programming, and choirs.

Their second full-length album, and first with the support of the record label, “Awaken the Fire,” is also one of the first releases from the Another Century. The band wrote, recorded and produced it. Featuring the new versions of the singles on “Chaos Theory, Pt. 1” together with four new songs, the album was unveiled on 24th Feb. 2015.

Current Status:

On Jan. 7th, 2017, the band made an announcement that their forthcoming third album, entitled Catacombs, will be unveiled sometime in 2017. Like a Storm were actively touring in 2017 last time we checked so get along to see them if you have the chance.