Katchafire is a really catchy name and this New Zealand-based reggae band are great musical performers; it was originally formed in Hamilton, New Zealand. The five-piece group embarked their journey in the year of 1997.

Since their inception, they have produced a variety of music compositions including full-length studio albums, singles, compilation music works.

Here to mention, this group is not only popular in their native country, but also they have achieved a great recognition and a massive popularity among the international audience. The band has conducted several extensive tours to various global locations (in support of their music works), for example, Australia, Europe, New Caledonia, the UK, the United States, and Brazil etc.

The current lineup of “Katchafire” consists of the following musicians – Logan Bell (on lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Grenville Bell (on lead guitar), Jordan Bell (on drums and vocals), Hani Totorewa (on keyboards and vocals), Tere Ngarua (on bass), Leon Davey (on percussion and vocals), and James Ferguson (on keyboards, saxophone, and vocals).

If you want to reveal more details about their music career and a list of their greatest music compositions & compilations, then you are requested to check the following sections.

A Glimpse of Their Music Career:

Katchafire began their journey in 1997. In the initial phase, the band members used to rehearsal in a garage of their hometown at Hamilton. During this time, the band was accompanied by some legendary, passionate, and enthusiastic music artists like Jordan Bell (on drums), Logan Bell (on guitar and lead vocals), Tere Ngarua (on bass), Thompson Hohepa (on guitar and vocals), and Haani Totorewa (on keyboards and vocals).

Despite having a pool of talented musicians in their official line-up, “Katchafire” hadn’t gained any significant recognition in the initial few years. For the avid New Zealand audience and music critics, this group was quite unknown and unrecognized till 2002. Fortunately, in the year of 2002, the band and their members got a credibility and their creative music works grabbed an attention from the audience when they tentatively released a single, named as “Giddy Up”.

This soundtrack witnessed a tremendous success; it became the best-selling single of that year. Following the grand success of this single, the band members collectively worked on their debut studio album. The debut studio album – “Revival” was released in 2003 and it received the “double platinum certification”.

Post the release of their maiden studio album, the aspiring music group decided to seek the attention from global music lovers. For this purpose, they followed a grueling touring schedule and covered the following territories like Australia, Europe, New Caledonia, the UK, the United States, and Brazil etc.

In the meantime, there were some line-up changes. For an example, Jamey Ferguson (on saxophone, keyboards, and vocals) and Leon Davey (on percussion and vocals) joined the group to stabilize & strengthen its line-up.

In the subsequent years, the band managed to conduct regular tours and released a bunch of exclusively hit studio albums, for example, “Slow Burning”, “Say What You’re Thinking”, “On the Road Again”, and “Best So Far”.

Music Genres Covered:

This famous music band mostly covers a specific music genre, for example, “Roots Reggae”.

Awards and Accolades:

Katchafire is extremely popular in New Zealand. Few of their composed albums have already gained top ranks on the “Recorded Music NZ List”.