Daniel John Bedingfield is a famous singer cum songwriter who originally hails from New Zealand. The musician was born on 3rd December 1979 and he belonged from a musical background (by birth). For an example, his sisters Nikola Rachelle and Natasha Bedingfield are well-known pop singers. Thus, the contemporary rocker, young “Daniel Bedingfield” grew interests towards music at a very early age.

Here to mention, he was raised in southeast London and he was mostly influenced by the contemporary R&B artists; Natasha and Nikola (his own sisters) helped him to form his first band. Nikola Rachelle, Natasha Bedingfield, and Daniel Bedingfield assembled together to found their first music group and named themselves as “DNA Algorhythm.” If you are keen to reveal more details about his music career and a list of his greatest music compositions, then you are requested to take a quick look at the following sections.

A Glimpse of His Music Career:

This famous musician embarked his music career in 2011. In the same year, he recorded his first single – “Gotta Get Thru This”. Here to note, this soundtrack was recorded in his bedroom without using any professional music instrument. After few weeks (post the release of his debut single), he quickly became a local celebrity as his composed song gained the top rank on the UK singles chart list. After receiving a massive attention, fame, and notoriety, the musician signed up an official contract with “Polydor UK” and started working on new materials. In 2002, he produced his debut studio album that eventually proved him as one of the most promising music stars of that era!

In the following years, he continued to pursue his music career. In 2004, the second album as composed by this talented singer was released. This album was entitled as “Second First Impression” and it gained a huge popularity among the audience. Plus, this album received rave reviews from the music critics too.

“Second First Impression” was nominated for multiple awards and accolades. Even after receiving such a great success, there was a period of brief hiatus (for four years) in the music career of Daniel Bedingfield. Nevertheless, in the subsequent years, he continued to collaboratively work with few other musicians. For an instance, he had worked in association with the following music artists, such as David Archuleta (American Idol finalist), Pixie Lott, and Tessanne Chin etc.

In 2012, the singer released a single (“Secret Fear”) and then followed by an EP, named as “Stop the Traffik – Secret Fear”. The single “Secret Fear” helped the musician to achieve a significant success. This song won several awards including an award won in the event of “Miami Short Film Festival” for being the “Best Music Video”.

Coming to his most recent music career – currently, he spends most of his time while composing/writing songs for the renowned artists. Here’s a list of soundtracks that he has co-written for other musicians – “I Wanna Feel” and “Testify”.

Music Genres Covered:

This famous musician mostly covers the following music genres, for example, R&B, pop, rock, garage, and blue-eyed soul etc.

Awards and Accolades:

This ambitious music star has received plenty of awards till date including BRIT Awards for being “Best British Male Artist”.