Get to Know Fresh FM Below:

Fresh FM is a great Community Access radio channel; in fact, it’s the only one NZ-based Community Access radio station that successfully operates and covers such a wide region including Nelson/Tasman region, Eastern Golden Bay, Blenheim, and inner Nelson city areas etc. It has official broadcasting studios in multiple locations.

The general mission of this radio network is to reflect creativity, aspirations, stories, experiences, and music of the residing members of the aforementioned regions. And, through their broadcast frequencies and a hassle-free on-line radio service, they share those contents with the outside world.

Coming to the brief history of this platform – well, the official journey of Fresh FM proudly captures the immense dedication and foresight of those individuals who earlier believed to create a local radio for the regions of Nelson/Tasman. Initially, there were two separate radio stations; Boulder Radio which was based out of Nelson city and the Harvest Radio that operated from Te Awhina Marae region. Next, during the mid-1990s, both of the aforementioned radio stations i.e.

Harvest Radio and Harvest Radio (along with their individual crew members and talented staff) were brought under the umbrella of “Tasman Broadcasting Trust”. And, since that time, the “Fresh FM” officially started to broadcast their contents.

Here to mention, this newly formed combined radio network now broadcasts their contents from the studios located in Motueka, Takaka, and Nelson. This station serves an approximate population of more than 80,000 local people. To know more about this radio station and its programming formats, please check the following sections.

Popular Programs:

Being a Community Access station, the authority of Fresh is dedicated to producing the contents / programs / live shows that are meant to be useful and entertaining for the local community people. Their program style includes music, drama, and documentaries which reflect the top of South Island.

Also, their program managers represent the Marlborough and Nelson/Tasman regions. Obviously, the crew members (including program manager and RJs) are extremely passionate and talented individuals who are investing their time to host various radio programs that truly reflect the authentic and original life stream of the community.

Now, take a quick look at their program schedules.

1. 2JC:

If you wish to listen to the “Rock and Metal Music”, then this radio show will be perfect for you! It’s aired on every Friday night at 9 pm. Join this show with Jake and Jethro & enjoy an unlimited music fun.

2. Art Talk Golden Bay:

This Art Talk mainly showcases a wide range of creative people, emerging artists, and professionals who are working in the following sectors, such as painting, sculpture, design, photography, workshops, dance, theater, music, touring artists/musicians writing, jewellery, fashion, circus skills, and local festivals etc. It’s aired on a fortnight basis – typically on Tuesdays at 11 am.

3. Art Talk Nelson:

Ginnette Smythe hosts this show and discusses the Nelson Artists, their work, inspiration, and ideas. It’s also aired on a fortnight basis – typically on Tuesdays at 11 am.

4. Assignment:

This show tells the world’s stories – from the point of views as obtained by the victims, the perpetrators, and the victims. It’s aired on Wednesday at 10 am.

5. Atheist Audio:

It’s a fortnightly atheist radio program. It discusses on great musicians, audio excerpts, thinkers, philosophers, scientists, and authors – around the theme of atheism and religion. It’s aired on Friday at 10 pm.

Genres Covered:

The station broadcasts various music shows (covering multiple genres) and community-specific local talk content.