New Zealand has produced several world-famous music artists till date and more too come that’s a guarantee. This country has an integral relation with music since the early days. The earlier Kiwi music was mostly influenced by the communities of Pacific regions. Over the years, the music of New Zealand has witnessed a transformation; today it’s more influenced by the following genres, such as blues, jazz, rock and roll, country, and hip hop etc.

So, do you want to know more about this Kiwi music scene or its music artists who have evolved this industry? If yes, then read this article and reveal the details of Five Great New Zealand Female Singers that you may never have heard about before.

Some Kiwi Female Musicians to Know About:

  • Bic Runga:

She is one of the most lauded artists; she is a singer cum songwriter who possesses a natural flair for melody and words. She owns an enchanting voice that captivates the audience! She was born on 13th January 1976 in Christchurch, New Zealand. Her original name is “Briolette Kah Bic Runga”. However, she is widely popular as Bic Runga. Apart from featuring the amazing vocals, she is proficient at playing guitar and drums. She kick-started her music career in 1996. The star mainly covers the following genres – pop, rock, and folk rock.

With the release of her four studio albums, this music artist has successfully straddled the line between an amateur and commercially successful pop music star. Today, she is a part of NZ’s music establishment, she is one of the highest-selling artists, and her incarnation & music traits (for alt-pop / indie music) is genuine and authentic.

She was raised in Hornby, Christchurch. The prolific instrumentalist – Bic Runga learned to play drums, keyboards, and guitar at her school. Later, she became an active participant in the jazz groups and other music groups of Cashmere High School.

Here’s a list of studio albums as produced by Bic Runga – Drive (released in 1997), Beautiful Collision (released in 2002), Birds (released in 2005), Belle (released in 2011), and Close Your Eyes (released in 2016). She has won multiple “New Zealand Music Awards” till date.

  • Brooke Fraser:

She is a singer cum songwriter who was born on 15th December 1983. In the history of New Zealand music industry, she is considered to be one of the Top Five Great New Zealand Female Singers. As she was passionate about music since her early childhood, she took piano lessons and taught herself acoustic guitar. At the age of 12, she started writing her own materials. In her initial career, she worked as an editor. However, she left the job in order to pursue a music career where she proved to be even more successful.

This Kiwi singer is best known for producing a hit single – named as “Something in the Water”. It was released in the year of 2010. After that, she produced two more albums – What to Do with Daylight (released in 2003) and Albertine (released in 2006). Her third album – “Flags” is the most successful music album in her career. It was produced in 2010. She is one of the top-rated music stars of NZ whose music compositions have received 15× Platinum certification. Her most recent music work is Brutal Romantic (released in 2014). The musician has won APRA Awards and New Zealand Music Awards.

  • Jenny Morris:

She was born on 29th September 1956; she officially hails from Tokoroa, New Zealand. Her first significant success as a musician came when she was associated with “The Crocodiles” – an NZ band. This band produced a couple of Top 20 Hit Singles. And, being a member of this music group, Jenny Morris witnessed a period of recognition! After that, she relocated to Sydney, Australia where she tried working with other music bands. For an example, she has worked with INXS and provided backing vocals.

Next, she pursued a solo music career and released the following studio albums – Body and Soul, Shiver, Honeychild, Salvation Jane, Hit & Myth, and Clear Blue in Stormy Skies etc. Among this list, these particular albums – “Shiver” and “Honeychild” became the top five most popular album in ARIA Albums Chart List. Additionally, she has produced some hit singles (“Break in the Weather”) too. Note, the aforementioned albums and singles gained the top ten rank on the NZ RIANZ charts. Currently, she is active as a musician. She has won two ARIA Awards for being the Best Female Artist.

  • Anika Moa:

“Anika Moa” is a talented recording artist. She was born on 21st May 1980. Her native place is Auckland, New Zealand. Born in Auckland, she has spent her childhood in Christchurch, New Zealand. Young “Anika Moa” is considered to be one of the iconic music artists in the history of Kiwi music. She is proficient at playing the following instruments, such as guitar, percussion, and keyboards. Her official music career was commenced in 1999. Her debut album, entitled as “Thinking Room” was released in 2001. With the release of “Thinking Room”, Anika Moa witnessed an outstanding success. This debut album scored the number # 1 rank on the New Zealand Singles Chart List with its four hit singles.

Soon, she produced another epic music creation – her second album, named as “Stolen Hill”. It was released in 2005. According to her, this album was a bit more sparse. “Stolen Hill” received the gold certification. After that, she made extensive touring in New Zealand in order to promote her album among the enthusiastic Kiwi music lovers. In 2007, she recorded the third studio album which went platinum & received rave reviews. Her most recent music work includes – Peace of Mind (released in 2013) and Songs for Bubbas (released in 2013). She is the proud recipient of New Zealand Music Awards.

  • Boh Runga:

She is a talented recording artist who hails from New Zealand. She is the lead singer cum guitarist who is associated with a great music band – Stellar. Here to note, “Boh Runga” inherits a musical background by birth. Her own siblings i.e. Pearl Runga and Bic Runga are also musicians.

Boh Runga was raised in Christchurch, New Zealand. In the late 1990s, she left Christchurch, relocated to Auckland, and formed the group – Stellar. In 1999, the band released their debut studio album – “Mix” which made an incredible selling record. Soon, the band became one of the biggest selling NZ band. This album also received a multi-platinum certification. Being one of the core members of Stellar, “Boh Runga” has enjoyed massive success as a music artist a few years back.