Get to Know East FM Below:

East FM Radio offers a community radio network and broadcasts their contents using two dedicated frequency bands – 88.1 FM and 107.1 FM. The radio station basically covers the Howick, Botany/FlatBush areas of New Zealand. Prior becoming widely famous as “East FM”, the authority was pretty well-known among the community people of “Howick Village Radio”.

During this time, this radio channel witnessed an outstanding popularity and an avid enthusiasm (as showcased by the listeners). It eventually provided the authority a solid foundation to grow a completely new radio station; thus, the journey of “East FM Radio” officially began from there.

Initially, this radio network was implemented with a mission to offer a vehicle for the local businesses to easily reach the local community. Plus, it would also provide a continuous radio service in order to entertain the residents of the wider Howick district. With this humble mission, a pool of volunteer staff (pertaining to different ages starting from 8 to 80) joined the group and thoroughly helped to accelerate its radio journey.

Today, being one of the most well-known radio service providers in NZ, East FM covers different genres when it comes to music – from heavy metal to jazz and from pop to rock music – this station certainly fulfills the ever-increasing and varied musical taste and preference of their audience.

As it’s a community radio station, it broadcasts or hosts several programs to promote the community-related news! For an instance, four local schools are regularly covered through East FM. The authority of these four local schools prepare, produce, present, and showcase the school’s activities and proud achievements. In the daily schedule of this radio station, you’ll find the following formats, for example, music, local news, sports, community notices, important announcements and localized weather updates etc.

Currently, the official authority is actively planning to develop necessary installations with a focus to reach a broader community audience in the upcoming future. So, all of the fervent fans and followers should now be excited to witness another evolution of East! To know more about this station, please take a look at the following sections.

Popular Programs:

This section will acquaint you with the brief schedule and a list of the top-rated programs.

1. The Late Breakfast Show:

This program is aired on the weekdays from 8 am to 10 am (except Tuesday). Phil Dark hosts this show and makes your morning delightful and interesting.

2. Mango Music:

If you are a passionate music lover, then this will be a perfect show for you. It’s known as Mango Music – one of the most popular programs that broadcasts the “Modern Music and Golden Oldies”. You can enjoy this program on every Monday and Thursday from 10 am to noon.

3. The Pop Blueprint:

This show is aired on every Monday evening from 6 pm to 7 pm. This show brings you a great variety of pop music and covers the following musicians – Justin Bieber, Kygo, Peking Duk, and much more too.

4. Monday Nights:

Max hosts this show – Monday Nights from 7 pm to 9 pm.

5. Buried Treasure:

This is an exclusive radio show that covers a great selection of rarely played songs – the forgotten, the lost, the misplaced, and the Buried Treasure of music World. This program is aired on every Wednesday from 7 pm to 9 pm.

Genres Covered:

The station broadcasts music across multiple genres, including jazz, heavy metal, classic oldies, and modern songs.