Get to Know Base FM Radio Below:

The residents of NZ can now enjoy a cracker radio experience with “Base FM Radio”. Being one of the most popular Kiwi radio channels, the people at Base are always offering listeners the best quality music variants across all genres. Not only that, this platform even allows the global listeners to enjoy the live shows / programs through their exclusive “Digital Liberation” movement (while enticing the international audience to rise up & tune into the ultimate radio resurgence).

With this, it successfully breaks the confinements of traditional FM. So, if you are excited to listen to the NZ’s freshest underground music, then refer to the following sections for more info.

Let’s get recognized with the important crew members of this NZ radio station. Jasmin Ziedan is currently appointed as “Station Manager”; she was born in Cairo/Egypt and she had spent most of her early childhood in Herne (in Germany). She is an extremely creative person who possesses innovative thinking power. Again, Dylan C is the Program Director of Base FM Radio. He was always deeply connected with music since his birth. Therefore, for both of them, it didn’t take much time to pursue their respective career on radio.

Popular Programs:

In this section, you will reveal key details on the top-rated programs.

1. Base Breakfast:

Your breakfast will be served with the freshest hand-picked beats and a variety of classic tunes. In this show, music makes the world better and keeps the engine running. Also, the regular guests frequently join this show to make it even more interesting and exciting. The program director (Dylan C) and sales & digital content manager (Oaariki) host this program. To spark up your mornings with the perfect tunes, you should turn on this show on every weekday from 7.30 am – 10 am.

2. In The Neighborhood:

On every Thursday, Dylan C – the hoarder of music hosts this show and plays the incredible collection of local beats and pieces for you! This show is mainly dedicated to honor the talented amateur musicians of the locality. It is aired on Thursday from 7 am – 10 am.

3. Saturday Morning Joints:

Enjoy this show on every Saturday Morning with Bain and Adam from 8 am to 10 am. They will start your Saturday with the mix of afro-beat, soul, reggae, funk, hip-hop, and other tasty music morsels that you’ll simply love to listen!

4. Smooth Cru:

This show is aired on every Sunday from 10 am onwards. Two skilled radio veterans – Mark Graham and Big Sene host this program and play some of the old school favorites and rare treats. Both of them have a strong connection with music. That’s why they properly know on how to entertain you through music.

5. A Groove Theory:

The proud father of two beautiful daughters – Kirk James hosts this particular radio show for you! For Kirk, Music is his sanctuary, music is his life. In his program, you will get to listen to a wide variety of musical styles, such as Soul, Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Breakbeat, Reggae, 80’s classics, Rhythm & Blues, and all killer bassline. This program is aired on every Monday from 10 am.

Genres Covered:

This Kiwi Radio station covers the various music genres, for example, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Breakbeat, Reggae, 80’s classics, Rhythm & Blues, and much more too great vibes!